Petra Durst-Benning - Author since 1996

Petra was born in 1965 in the south of Germany. She lives with her husband and two dogs in a little village between the Lake Constanz and the Black Forest. The industrial "Mercedes Benz-city" Stuttgart is not far away, but there are also a lot of old castles and beautiful landscapes with forests, mountains and lush meadows. Petra says: "I love my home and couldn't imagine living somewhere else. Here it is quiet enough for me to write but also lively enough for me to feel inspired.

A German Author in America ... For Petra this means a dream come true!

First the Glassblower-trilogy, then the Centurywind-trilogy and in 2020 the brandnew "Photographer's Saga" - Petras success in America is unbroken.
Petra says: "I can only repeat myself and say thank you to all who make this dream possible!"

Brandnew in Germany - and hopefully out in America soon, too!

In August 2022 Petra's newest historical trilogy is released in Germany. Let's hope that this story about one of the first female cooks in a Restaurant kitchen ever will be translated into English, too!

Petra's brand new Saga in English!

Petra's new inspiring historical saga of a female photographer who must defy convention to live her dreams in turn-of-the-century Germany.

In 1905, on her twenty-sixth birthday, Mimi Reventlow receives a marriage proposal from the vicar of her family’s church. But a future of housework, childcare, and servicing a parish doesn’t appeal to the restless and unconventional Mimi. She has ambitions of her own—to follow in the footsteps of her beloved uncle Josef and become a traveling photographer. Leaving behind all that has been mapped out for her, Mimi dares to pursue her passion and sets out alone to make her own mark ...

A German Bestseller author with two feet on the ground

In Germany Petra Durst-Benning has sold more than 2.5 million books and has developed a loyal following of readers. What people especially like is the accuracy of Petras research and her sensual way of writing that gives readers the feeling of being in t he middle of the action. Mostly her spellbinding stories are about strong women going their own way even if it is stony and hard.
Petra says: "I want to entertain my readers and I also want to give them a holiday away from everyday life."



Volume 1 of Petra Durst-Benning's new Saga about "The Photographer" will be released on March, 3rd, 2020!

Petra says "Thank you!" for 1 Million sold books in US!

The glassblower trilogy - Petras greatest joy

Since Petra always visits the places about which she writes, she also traveled to Lauscha, high up in the Thuringian woods. There she met with glassblowers and the glass princess, there she learned about the art of glass blowing. She also researched in the museum library and made a lot of friends in this little village.
Petra says: "Before I can write I have to see, hear and experience my surroundings with my own senses. Only then can I describe everything in a way that my reader feels magically drawn into my book."

A bit of Christmas every day of the year

A little bit of christmas every day of the year

Petra loves Christmas!
She loves to decorate her home, she loves her antique Christmas glass ornaments and she loves to make people happy.
Petra says: "It is my greatest joy that "The Glassblower" is now available in America and Great Britain. I want to give all my American and English readers a lot of happiness. May a bit of christmas feeling sparkle from every page ..."

On the road again...

After every book release Petra starts on a grand tour of readings. She visits big towns and small cities, she reads for her fans, she chats with them, she listens to them and ... she signs books for every one of them! Sometimes the queue is so long that Petra has to sign over an hour ... Busy girl!
Petra says: "I love the contact with my readers! And I'm very happy that they share their ideas and feelings about my books with me. When I come home late at night after a long evening of reading, laughing and exchanging stories, I'm dead tired but also happy!"

Petra's Hobbies

Writing is Petras life! But she also loves to cook, to work in the garden and to invite friends for dinner. Every day she enjoys long walks with her dogs and when she has time she also loves to knit and sew.
Petra says: "Creativity is an infinite spring - you cannot turn it off like a tap."

"The Glassblower" for you - with love from Petra

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